The Chariot : Judgement : King of Pentacles

Yesterday's mysterious benefactress (aka the Queen of Wands) has still not shown up but Judgement at the centre of today's spread seems to emphasise the wake-up call and renewal that is imminent for me. The Chariot is also a card which can signify triumph and victory (as long as we take and maintain control of our lives) - so, again, there is a positive note in these cards. The King of Pentacles is Midas, the king with the golden touch. It would seem that security is soon to be mine as far as (financial) resources go - although I should take care not to make this the be all and end all of my life - man cannot live entirely upon gold (but it certainly helps!)

The Mythic Tarot (1st Edition)
By Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene
Illustrated by Tricia Newell
Copyright Eddison/Sadd Editions Limited 1986
ISBN: 0-7126-1270-X