• Piling It On...

    II de Batons : III de Batons : VIIII de Batons

    I get a sense from these cards of things just piling on around me...responsibilities, jobs that need doing, demands upon my time etc. The growth that is possible (represented by the leaves and flowers on the II de Batons) becomes stifled in the III de Batons (where the flowers have been excised) and non-existent in the VIIII de Batons (where the leaves have also gone). I think it is time to put the brakes on before I am overwhelmed…

    Ancien Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud)
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  • Playing It Safe

    IIII de Deniers : VI de Baton : Le Pape

    The IIII de Deniers is a card which represents, for me at least, stability and secure foundation - a firm base from which to operate. The VI de Batons tends to suggest success and personal victory and is a very positive card. With Le Pape emphasising tradition (and echoing the stability of the III de Deniers) it would seem that today's cards urge me to play things safe and to keep well within the boundaries of 'the box'.

    Ancien Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud)
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  • Indulgence...and Regret

    III de Coupe : V de Deniers : V de Coupe

    I can get little from this particular arrangement of pip-cards per se… but falling back on meanings from the RWS 'tradition' there is a reminder in these cards of the dangers of (self) indulgence. The III de Coupe is associated in other decks with celebrations, get-togethers, nights out etc. These leave resources depleted (V de Deniers) and a sense of regret in the aftermath of what has been spent (V de Coupe)...but we should not forget the considerable pleasure that is to be had in 'good times', not ALL is lost.

    Ancien Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud)
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  • A Defensive Stance

    IIII de Baton : Valet de Baton : Cavalier de Baton

    The Valet de Baton and the Cavalier de Baton are ready to defend themselves against any challenger. They take up a protective stance which prevents access to or assail of the IIII de Baton. This card likely represents the stability of the home and home life (combining the essence of the number 4 with 'traditional' meanings assigned to the 4 of Wands). I will always fight for what I have established and for my security...Perhaps my strength and conviction will be put to the test today...

    Ancien Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud)
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  • There's No Escaping It...

    L'Hermite : VIII d'Epee : Valet de Coupe

    The VIII d'Epee as the 8 of Swords in other decks has come to signify being trapped or bound in a situation - and it seems very much like that flower at the centre of the image on this card is trapped by the curving 'swords' on either side. Looking at the flanking cards I see the Valet de Coupe as a much younger version of L'Hermite. The story here seems to be that there's no escaping the aging process or the transformation we must go through in time. Youthful ideal and potential (symbolised by the chalice the valet carries) become knowledge and wisdom (symbolised by the lantern carried by L'Hermite)...There is no point fearing change and growing old...I just need to appreciate the experience and embrace it since it is entirely and utterly unavoidable.

    Ancien Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud)
    No copyright information
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  • Resources

    V de Deniers : Le Monde : Roy d'Epee : ( As de Deniers)

    The V of Deniers suggests challenge directed towards resources since 5 is a number which tends to represent instability. This focus is echoed in Le Monde where the pattern and suit markers of the first card are transformed into the dancer and the four creatures at the corners of the card. This seems to indicate that the issues surrounding resources have become central to my 'world' - and yet the Roy d'Epee disregards the issues by turning his face away from them...he seems more interested in what lies to the right in this sequence of cards (his left). To 'see' what is on his (and my) mind, and where his interest lies, I pulled an extra card and got the As de Deniers. This card would suggest a fixation/obsession with material possessions. I need to think more carefully on where I can access the resources I need before spending prematurely simply to amass more 'stuff'.

    Ancien Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud)
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  • Deck of the Year 2014: Day 7

    Today's deck:

    The BoneFire Tarot (by Gabrielle Angus-West)

    This deck was my top deck of 2013 and remains my favourite this year. It is self-published and designed/created by an Australian artist. The style is reminiscent of tattoo art in vibrant colours on dark backgrounds. Each image is jam packed with symbolism and the deck-creator's own 'spin' on the Rider-Waite tradition of the cards. This is another deck which I used for two consecutive weeks in my Deck of the Week explorations. It is a tarot deck that I absolutely love using.

    Three of Cups : Ace of Coins : The Lovers

    Today was very much a day where all is well that ends well - which, I guess, is what the Three of Cups might signify. The day started badly with my car broken down with a flat battery and needing a tow. The focus was very much on how this might deplete my resources (Ace of Coins) or whether the problem might actually be easily solved….Fortunately several friends came to the rescue and I was more than grateful for their assistance. Co-operation and partnership brought about the solutions that were needed (The Lovers). Together we achieve so much more than we can do alone...

    BoneFire Tarot
    By Gabrielle Angus-West
    Copyright © 2013 by Wooden-Eye
    No ISBN

  • Deck of the Year 2014: Day 6

    Today's Deck:

    Tyldwick Tarot (by Neil Lovell)

    Another 'new entry' which almost...almost…made it to the top of the list of my favourite decks. The Tyldwick Tarot is another deck without human figures (unless they are portraits or statues). There are, in fact, no living things at all (apart from plants) in the images in this deck. The setting is an empty house and its grounds. It is an eerie (possibly haunted) space and the images used on each of the cards are strangely evocative. The deck has gilded edges. It is an absolute treasure. I love the mystery of it all and find myself thinking long after a reading about the images in the deck and what they might mean…

    Six of Coins : Seven of Staves : The Lovers

    The Seven of Staves features a row of toy soldiers standing on a toybox. The card suggests being in a strong position, holding the high ground against any challenger. The Lovers (a card which appeared in yesterday's spread as well) indicates partnership and co-operation - but it would seem (paired with the central card) that this partnership is unequal and one partner has the upper hand. The traditional meaning of the Six of Coins is 'sharing' - so the message here seems to be that I should strive to get things on an equitable and equal footing in my relationships at this time. This remedied 'status' will provide the means to unlock the gate which features on the Six of Coins and prevents exit/access to what is beyond.

    The Tyldwick Tarot
    By Neil Lovell
    Copyright © 2013 by Neil Lovell
    Self published
    No ISBN

  • Deck of the Year 2014: Day 5

    Today's Deck:

    The Wild Unknown Tarot (by Kim Krans)

    Today's deck is a 'new entry' into my overall Top Ten Tarot Decks and is in third position. It is a black and white deck with coloured highlights in many of the images (and, in fact, only 15 of the 78 cards are completely devoid of colour). There are no human figures, only wild animals and birds. Court cards are entitled Father, Mother, Son and Daughter. The Wands court are snakes, the Cups court are swans, the Swords court are owls and the Pentacles court are deer. The deck is fascinating...

    II of Pentacles : The Lovers : Father of Pentacles

    An elementally ill-dignified Lovers sits at the centre of the spread today (in a sequence of EARTH v AIR v EARTH). This suggests that I may be turning my back upon a relationship or partnership. The butterfly on the II of Pentacles would seem to indicate change and transformation - and I recall that in the Thoth Tarot deck the 2 of Disks (Pentacles) is entitled 'Change'. This change sees me cast in the noble stance of the stag on the Father of Pentacles card. In turning my back on this particular partnership/liaison/relationship I assume a more dignified role and, as if to echo the change heralded by the first card in the spread, the coloured highlights of the lemniscate on the butterfly's wings are matched by the coloured highlights of the stag's antlers...his 'crown' and symbol of authority, if you like.

    The Wild Unknown Tarot
    By Kim Krans
    Copyright © 2012 by The Wild Unknown
    ISBN: 978-0-9893611-1-8

  • Deck of the Year 2014: Day 4

    Today's deck:

    Dark Carnival Tarot (by Rachel Paul)

    This deck caused some controversy by being voted the Number One Tarot deck of 2012 at Aeclectic Tarot Forum due to some 'questionable' online-canvassing techniques. Despite that fact it is a deck that I really like and one which I used for two weeks consecutively in my Deck of the Week explorations. The theme of the deck is built around the juggalo culture of the Insane Clown Posse rap group and their vision of a Dark Carnival World. The images are loosely based on RWS symbolism but have an anarchic feel about them. I find the deck eminently readable and love the almost visceral response I feel towards the cards as they fall. Suits are renamed Gats (Wands) Faygos (Cups) Axes (Swords) and Duckets (Pentacles/Coins). The Court cards are Joker, Warrior, Queen and King. The World is renamed The Juggalo World, Justice is renamed The Pendulum, The Chariot is renamed The Black Truck, The Hierophant is renamed The Ringmaster, The Wheel of Fortune is renamed The Wheel in The Sky and The Magician is renamed The Juggla.

    Four of Gats : The Fool : Eight of Gats

    There is a sense of gathering momentum about theses cards. The Eight of Gats is about manifesting energy and contains the 'traditional' idea of swiftness and speed from other decks. Allied with the potential signified by The Fool, there is a feeling here of imminence. Something is going to happen...and soon. The Four of Gats signifies success and winning (in the shape of a golden trophy filled with cannabis) so the ultimate outcome seems most favourable. I guess I just have to harness all that potential energy and momentum and direct it towards an outcome that I desire...

    Dark Carnival Tarot (3rd Edition)
    By Rachel Paul
    Copyright © 2013 by Rachel Paul
    Available through
    No ISBN

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